"WAITING", the first single from John OFA Rhee’s first studio album, <bleeding in sunset blvd.> is composed of John’s fundamental elements. As layers of John’s guitars come and go throughout the song, John sings as if he is reading us a page out of his diary-explaining why and how he spent his last couple of years, WAITING. 

Upcoming this March 29, 1st EP [bleeding in] will be released. 2nd EP [sunset blvd.] is coming out in late-May, and John's complete studio album [bleeding in sunset blvd.] will be in mid-July. 

John’s album <bleeding in sunset blvd.> invites listeners to share in the last two years of his intimate journey. Having spent most of his early adulthood in Seoul, John sought inspiration and headed back home to Los Angeles to work on his next studio album.

<bleeding in sunset blvd.> does not fall under any one specific category but instead is a composition focused on command over variety.

As a listener, John’s personal playlist spans many genres ranging from Hip Hop to Classics to Rock to Jazz. As a performer, he asks the listener to join in on a private walk alongside him as he shares how he spent his time, bleeding in sunset blvd.


SINGLE ∙ 2021 ∙ 4 min 14 sec



Bass Nayeon 

Drums LambC 

Electric GTR WONJUN, John Eun, John OFA Rhee 

Vocals John OFA Rhee 

Produced by John OFA Rhee 

 Written by John OFA Rhee

Recording Engineers John OFA Rhee, Done Lee at SSMD 

Mixing Engineers Done Lee at SSMD 

Mastering Engineer Oli Morgan at ABBEY ROAD 

A&R Jamie Jeon, Julie Choi 

Design Minki Park | D. Park 

Photograph Kyoung-oh You | PHOTOYOU 

Executive Producer La Bosé