Hello, my name is John & I go by John OFA Rhee. 

I’m an artist / producer & 

I call Los Angeles & Seoul my two homes. 

Welcome to my third.

So, here it is - this is me, Bleeding in Sunset Blvd.

John OFA Rhee

Born in Seoul but finding roots in the American West Coast, John Rhee owes his distinct soulful sound to America’s cultural hotpot that is Los Angeles. It is in Los Angeles where Rhee picked up the guitar at the age of 11, eventually going off to further his musical studies at Berklee College of Music. Soon after, he was offered a coveted spot in the Korean musical talent show Superstar K where he placed in the top eight. After finding superstardom via reality tv, Rhee co-founded an artist creative crew, Kunstbloom, and collaborated with high-profile artists such as PRIMARY, Sam Ock, Stella Jang, and Kim Min-seok of Melomance. Rhee recently released his first single “WAITING” under his new label 'La Bosé' and is set to release an album in mid 2021.