Hello, my name is John & I go by John OFA Rhee. 

I’m an artist / producer & I call Los Angeles & Seoul my two homes. 

Welcome to my third.

“Here’s the truth,”

I’ve never been too honest, especially with my music. 

And while I believe creativity is just about doing what you truly want to do - I have never been truly creative. 

Moving abroad to a foreign country alone, just starting my young adult life, I was more fixated on the idea of impressing others, rather than (as cliche as it may sound) being true to myself. 

What kind of music do people want to hear from me? What do they want me to wear? How do they want me to look, who do they want to see//me to be? 

Whilst these questions are very valuable questions one should ask themselves to be successful within this industry, 

I totally missed the other side of the coin.

Fast forward, & here I am. Ready to be true.

Which is why I decided to write all of my music in my native language, English. 

I don’t know if this is going to classify me as a K-POP English speaking artist, but who cares - a category is not something from me to chase. 

 So, here it is - this is me, Bleeding in Sunset Blvd.

John OFA Rhee